How to Make Prints of your Art? – Step by Step Tutorial!

How to Make Prints of your Art? – Step by Step Tutorial!

Painting is a great artwork and it can be put up for sale either. If you are very much connected to your original masterpiece, you can opt for selling the print of it. Yes! You read it right. It’s true that you can sell the prints of your art and earn money. You can paint or draw the artwork and print it using various applications or software. The prints can also be converted into cards, posters, and paints for attaining high prices. If you are keen to learn how to turn artwork into prints, you are on the right page. We are here to share with you the authentic process of converting artwork into prints. You can do this right from the comfort of your home.

How to Turn Artwork into Prints?

Here we have shared the step-by-step guide on how to turn artwork into prints. Have a look!

Step 1

Get all the required supplies to print the artwork. The following equipment is essential to make prints effortlessly.

Here you need to note that you don’t need to invest in a brand new scanner. You can simply pick the second-hand one that is in good working condition. However, if your budget allows, you can go for a new scanner as it can make exceptional prints compared to the used one. Also, the old scanners cannot bring out the right colors and shades, especially fluorescents. If you are going to print your args time and again, you are advised to go for a new scanner rather than a second handpiece.

Also, if you don’t own a high-quality printer, you can get the artwork printed in a local shop or an online service. Make sure to discuss the specs that are required to print a professional print. The next is Adobe Photoshop which is the primary software used to make picture-perfect prints. Download the free trial and make the print. If you are ought to use the software a lot to make prints, you better invest in the full version of the software to enjoy all the features.

Step 2

As you have all the supplies ready, keep your artwork and scanner ready. Clean the scanner before you start the scanning. Scan the artwork.

Step 3

Here the thing to heed in mind is the DPI size. The higher the DPI, the better the print resolution will be. To make a standard print make certain to set the DPI as 300 minimum. While scanning, be sure that the entire artwork is being covered in all corners. If your artwork is large enough that it doesn’t fit in the scanner, you have to print it in different ways. While doing Photoshop you can perform editing to the original artwork as you desire.

Step 4

Preview and print a copy to see how it is going to look from the original artwork, but make sure to adjust the color contrasts using Photoshop. Once you think everything is perfect go for the real print-off on acid-free archival paper. It is advised that you don’t print a whole lot of your artwork at a time without properly checking its quality as it may waste paper and ink.

The Best Paper for Arts Prints

When we talk about printing, there are two things to consider about the paper used. The paper on which you are putting out your artwork and the paper that you are using to print. If you are a painter or multimedia artist and you have already decided to make a print of your artwork in the future, you better use canvas paper. This is because canvas paper is flat and is easier to scan. You can also use stretched canvas papers, but they are thicker than the traditional ones.

Now coming to the paper that you want to print your art onto, go for acid-free archival paper. It is the best paper you can ever choose for printing artwork in top-notch quality. This paper is durable and sturdy and can sustain all kinds of dust and light. There are two variants of papers in the acid-free papers: one is matte finish and the other is gloss paper. It is completely up to you which paper you want to choose to print your artwork on.

Whilst the matte paper absorbs and diffuses pigments more, the glossy paper doesn’t. It gives the pro look to your artwork with all the detailing. There are again variants in gloss paper-like semi-gloss and super-shiny gloss. You can go for semi-gloss if you don’t like super shiny types or the other way around.

How to Sell Art Prints?

If your main purpose of printing your artworks is not for the keepsake, but to sell them, then we got the point. We are here to tell you how to sell art prints at best deals. With the above information we have provided, you would have already got a clear idea about how to make the print of the artwork. Now, it is time to think about the ways to sell them. There are multiple ways to advertise your talent to the world. You can either choose an offline mode or an online mode to sell your art prints.

In the offline mode, you have to visit the local stores that sell the artworks and prints and make a deal with the owner to display your art. On the other hand, you can choose an online method to sell your artwork. These days online has become a great platform to sell art. Many young talents are selling their skills on various social media platforms to make money. You can create a dedicated page on any social media platform like Facebook or Instagram and expand your reach to a greater and global audience. Also, you can tie up with already established online platforms that sell artworks from talented craftsmen.

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