How To Print Polaroids From IPhone? (A Step-by-Step Guide)

Way back, to print instant images, we used an instant camera or polaroid film. Then came smartphones, and everything changed with the snap of a finger. Today, you can now take as many images as you want with an iPhone.

These tiny devices let you print photos from your iPhone while on the go when traveling or partying; they serve hassle-free and flawlessly. The big question is How do you print images from an iPhone instantly? This guide explores the basic steps required to print polaroids from your iPhone.

Size of a Polaroid Picture

When discussing other cameras, photos are often the size of regular business cards. Photographs are available in various sizes, ranging from 24 X 36mm to 50.8 X 61cm.

The majority of instant cameras produce 83 x 108mm photos. However, this is not the case with Polaroid films! 

Polaroid photographs have a distinct format and size. The Polaroid Originals photographs were 3.108″ X 3.024″ in size. Please note that these measurements only apply to the main photo. The image’s overall dimensions are 4.233″ X 3.483″.

The entire shot measures 10.752 X 8.847cm, and the photo area measures 7.894 X 7.6801cm. Plus, you can change the polaroid’s dimensions to different sizes and forms.

The photo’s size will differ depending on the area of the image you’re referring to. For example, there are the ‘outer’ and the ‘inside’ portions. The steps below will guide you to make the most from your Polaroid. 

How to Print Polaroids From An iPhone? (5 Easy Steps)

Step 1: Download the Polaroid Print App from the App Store

On your iPhone, download and install the Polaroid App. The excellent part is that it works on iOS and Android smartphones. So, if you have an Android phone, go to Google Play Store and download it.

You can use your iPhone to snap photos, print various images such as poster-sized artwork and conventional prints. In addition, the device can print flawlessly on canvases, accordion-fold print books, small pictures, and stickers.

Furthermore, the app allows you to select which image you want to print and has a few editing options. For example, you’ll be able to add captions, alter your photos, and crop images using this method. Plus, you have an option to adjust the color balance and brightness.

Step 2: Load your Polaroid Printer with a film Pack

In your Polaroid printer, load a film pack. The device comes with a user manual that allows you to understand the essential parts and Modus of Operandi.

Ensure you go through the user manual thoroughly before using the Printer. It’s also a good idea to become familiar with the Printer’s numerous components. 

Step 3: Use Bluetooth to connect the Printer to your iPhone

Connect your phone to the instant Printer by turning on the Bluetooth on your phone. This is an effortless procedure. Set your iOS device to Bluetooth scan and ensure it’s in discoverable mode. To pair, tap the ‘Polaroid printer’ when it displays.

Step 4: Select the Photographs in the Companion App

Once you’ve opened the app, select the photos you want to print. As we stated earlier, this program allows you to add text and filters to your photographs.

Step 5: Print

Using a Polaroid printer, print a photo. Make any additional changes you desire, then print using the iOS app that comes with it. Next, place your iPhone screen on the Printer and wait for it to finish printing. Images in the shape of 2.3 X 3.4″ photographs will appear within 1 minute.

These images, in particular, have adhesive backs that allow you to attach them wherever you like. Also, remove the photos from the instant film barrier and set them aside to process for about 15 minutes. If you follow the above procedures, you’re likely to convert your photo to a memorable polaroid in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is a polaroid?

A polaroid is an instant camera device that uses self-developed film to print chemically developed pictures shortly after taking a shot.

Q. Is it possible to enlarge Polaroid photos?

Yes, it is! To get an expanded duplicate of your Polaroid photo, all you have to do is scan it and print it in a larger size. You can print tiny images at a higher resolution using a professional lab with high-quality equipment.

Q. When it comes to Polaroid photos, how long do they last?

The lifespan of polaroids is extremely short. They become yellow with time, and the images begin to fade off. For a limited time, however, storing them in suitable settings, such as out of direct sunlight and away from moisture and temperature, can assist.

Scanning and saving digital copies of your polaroids is your best bet. That is why having them in the right size for the job can be beneficial.

Q. How long does a polaroid film last?

The expiration date on Polaroid film isn’t specified. However, the Polaroid film may survive longer depending on how it’s perverse. Refrigerators are the best storage sites for Polaroid film, whereas leaving it out in the sun or a moisture-prone area like a shower can drastically limit longevity.

It’s best to use your Polaroid film within a year of purchasing it. The longer you let the Polaroid film out, the worse the result will be. While you can try to utilize expired Polaroid film, the clarity of your photos will be weak and possibly blurry. Unfortunately, there is no warranty for this.


The good news is, you can turn digital photographs into physical memories by printing directly on instant films. Even better, there is a slew of pocket-sized polaroid printers to choose from. As a result, you may take images outside and print them right away with your iPhone hassle-free. 

We hope this guide proves helpful by providing you with the information you need to print polaroid from iPhone. If you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. 

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