Best Polaroid Printer For iPhone (Portable Photo Printers)

The fact remains that we’re all on the go and want to share our lives with friends, family, and loved ones. But sometimes, we need a little more than just the photos on our phones, and that’s where Polaroid printers come in. With this device, all the selfies you’ve been dying to hold are finally worth your time!

The good news is, no matter where your phone camera is -on that resort vacation or in a bustling Manhattan office -it is possible to have an instantaneously print life-size memories picture for everyone!

The best part is, that you don’t have to worry about running out of ink with these portable machines! Using Zink paper (that’s right, not a single drop of ink!), you can show off your sharp photographic skills with friends and family.

We curated this review and guide to help you make the best selections of Polaroid printers for your iPhone so that when next you’re out to take a shot, you can do it like a pro!

6 Best Polaroid Printers for iPhone

1. Fujifilm Instax Mini Link 

Polaroid Photo Coming Out of Instax Printer

Taking party photos just got easier! The INSTAX MINI Link SE brings your gamer and photography persona together in a sleek and portable printer. Hook it up to your Nintendo Switch for instant access to gameplay screenshots.

It allows you to take a shot or choose from Wind Waker HD or Mario Awards of Super Smash! The super customizable app will enable you to make your own framed shots with favorite characters, build custom frames in an instant, and create color-match prints.

This printer has the power to transform you into your favorite Nintendo character via its Frame Print mode. You can also get perfect shots and prints within seconds. You don’t need to head off into the jungle or climb Mt. Everest for memorable shots and adventure; this compact printer is cranking them outright at home on your couch, and with a simple press on a button, you can snap, print, frame!

You’ve captured all the memories on your phone— if you’re truly ready to get the best printout that captures all the details you need, this MINI Link SE from Fujifilm is a no-brainer. The simple-to-use and easy-to-carry design will boost your creativity and enhance your editing skills just as your heart desires!

The battery lasts for 100 shots on a single charge so that you can have access to endless entertainment, and no matter where you intend to capture memories, whether, in a get-together or a family reunion, this device will serve seamlessly.

Make life easy with this fully-featured, multi-use printer. The easy-to-use design makes it perfect for beginners, the advanced features for pros; this super cute device has it all! Print your photos in three modes: simple photo mode, party mode, where you can print up to 10 single images sequentially on one sheet of film, and a video mode.

The Polaroid Zip printer is a pocket-sized and wireless device that prints good-quality photos from your iPhone. It requires just a button to do its job; this makes it perfect when used on the go. No need for ink or pricey paper due to the Zink technology.


  • Authentic Instax print quality
  • Simple printing and setup
  • Built-in instant printer and camera
  • Compatible with switches and phones


  • Prints are small
  • Charging isn’t USB


All you need is your phone camera to make the best photos pop in a couple of minutes. With this device, you’ll be looking at full-color moments like they were right in front of you; the best part is, you don’t have to be a professional photographer to make the best impression.

2. Zink Polaroid ZIP Wireless

Polaroid Photo Coming Out of Zink Printer

This is yet another breathtaking product from the makers of Instant Polaroids. This device prints with a single touch without needing a cord. Connect directly to your smart device via Bluetooth or NFC and watch your memories come to life in pocket-sized photo prints.

The simple setup makes it easy for everyone in the family to get involved! This is specially designed for social media addicts and camera enthusiasts who want to create lasting memories that pop with color and vibrancy right at the comfort of their homes.

With this device, you get better quality photos than what’s obtainable from most photo labs or kiosks; Yes! You can recall today with memories that Pop. What more? You can now connect digitally to the world around you with this Polaroid ZIP Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer!

It connects wirelessly with your device and prints pictures with high resolution. It’s a perfect accessory for any meme-obsessed photo. Print in front or back of various magazines, posters, and do more with room to write a personalized message!


  • Rechargeable battery
  • Absence of ink cartridges
  • Extremely portable


  • Mediocre print quality
  • Buggy and clunky app.


This is indeed a portable photo printer that gives out prints within seconds on the go. Although the mediocre print quality won’t wow everyone, we consider this as a must-have due to its portability and affordability.

3. Kodak Dock & Wi-Fi Portable

Polaroid Photo Coming Out of Kodak Dock Printer

Never let a good photo go to waste. With this handy device, you’ll never have to lose sight of your memories again! Personalize any family portrait, thanks to the intuitive editing software.

Turn peepholes into panoramas once and for all with customizable frames that can be changed with ease. This product is not only designed for fun but also as an investment for the future. We know life moves fast, so we always recommend something extra special!

Geo-tagging your world makes it easy to share the moments you want when you want. The Kodak Dock and Wi-Fi Portable printer let you print photos directly from your smartphone and share them in the same way. Now you can create prints of your Android or iOS devices with this sleek printer designed to charge multiple devices wirelessly!  Power up, Press Print, and never worry about running out of ink again.

Think of this device as a little old school in new school clothing, but instead of waiting hours for your favorite photo, you can enjoy it right away with a simple press of a button on your phone! Expect to get raves on social media when you send a picture of the newest family member or share photos from the latest overseas trip.

Who doesn’t love putting pictures on their fridge? Let Kodak do it for you in an instant. This smart gadget prints and connects to your phone in one touch. The Kodak app launches automatically, so the picture is printed before your very eyes!


  • Prints directly from a smartphone
  • Can power two smart device
  • Provide 4”x 6” cm photo in color
  • High performance
  • Top-notch print quality
  • Best value
  • Giftable


  • A bit pricer compare to other models


Take a pic with your digital camera via the printer’s PictBridge technology if you don’t want to connect your device via Wi-Fi. Additionally, you can add some free editing features by downloading the app and turning everyone into movie stars with filters, stickers, card templates, and more!

4. Polaroid Hi-Print Pocket Photo Printer

Polaroid Photo Coming Out of Polaroid Pocket Printer

You can turn your smartphone photos into retro-styled keepsakes using a crazy cool pocket photo printer. The good news is, this amazing device jams out with an exciting retro sensation, and you won’t need to snap crackers or chemicals to develop your prints.

The Polaroid HP-Print present you with a fun and innovative way to share your photos anywhere. With the sleek and stylish design, carrying around is super easy; it connects flawlessly with both iPhone or Android devices, making it easy to prints while on the go!  And for those fellows that love scrapbooking, it creates adhesive out of each print.

There are no memories that are not worth capturing or ever too old for a photoshoot. With the Polaroid Hi-Print, you’ll have all your moments on hand and ready to become cherished keepsakes without fuss. All you need to do is pick up one of these handy little devices today and never regret missing out on documenting those precious memories!


  • Compatible with both iPhone and Android smartphones
  • Nice and compact designed
  • An effective and simple companion app


  • Prints are too small
  • Absence of USB or Wi-Fi connection options


The Polaroid Hi–Print 2×3 is one of the newest inventions in technology and photography. This camera is a fun and innovative way to share your photos anywhere you are. With the sleek and stylish design, carrying around has never been easier.

5. Lifeprint Photo and Video Printer

Polaroid Photo Coming Out of Lifeprint Printer

Lifeprint is a tiny mobile printer that prints crisp and vibrant photos from your phone. You can set the Lifeprint down flat for beautiful group photos or hold it up high for action shots. We are super sure you will love this little guy!

Creativity has never been so simple with Lifeprint. This ultra-portable, pocket-sized 2×3 printer will have you printing selfies and social media photos in seconds! The Lifeprint app allows you to upload from both private albums as well as your public snaps and vines for instant gratification!

This is the most convenient way to get pictures off your phone and onto a physical photo in less than one minute. You can preview photos before printing, add captions or doodles, print from any size library on your iPhone with Lifeprint app, or plug the LifeOne 3-in-1 adapter directly into an HDMI port, a TV, or Monitor.

Choose color ink for vibrant color prints or black & white for easy sharing and scrapbooking. The affordability makes this device a must-have for photo addicts.


  • Add text, filters, stickers, and memes to your prints
  • Portable and small designed
  • Bluetooth support


  • Average print quality.


The Lifeprint 2×3 is a photo printer for iPhone; it’s one of the first commercial printing products that leverage an internet-connected global network and allows users to share photos irrespective of their location! Use it at home, on vacation, or while traveling.

6. Kodak Mini 2 HD 

Polaroid Photo Coming Out of Kodak Mini Printer

The Kodak Mini 2 HD Wireless Portable is perfect on the go. It’s a perfect match when used in vintage stores, birthday parties, soccer games, or whichever life event you need to capture memories in photos! It’s easy and wireless and prints photos directly from the device on crispy clear photo paper that won’t fade!

This wireless device prints your photos on the spot, so you never have to wait for your prints when they’re needed the most. Print your photos in crisp detail onto clear photo paper that won’t fade or smudge, and share them with friends and family. We consider this device an essential part of any vacation kit, event, or day trip!

It prints photos up to 2.1 x 3.4″ from your smartphone in a couple of seconds. It does all of these with no cables needed nor touch on a button — it is compatible with both Android or iOS. When you’re not printing photos, the rechargeable battery can power your phone. There’s always more! This innovative dye transfer technology prints beautiful black-and-white or color portraits in a matter of seconds; best of all, they dry instantly.


  • Very portable
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Giftable
  • Outperforms most competitor


  • Absence of connectivity
  • Slow print speed


This portable printer is the perfect tool for all of your photo needs. It’s super easy to use, and you can share and print with just a camera touch. So you can enjoy the effortless printing of your most precious moments from Kodak.

What to Look For When Buying a Polaroid Printer For iPhone?

There are tons of polaroid printing devices from different brands out there that work with iPhones. The big question is, which of these products will be the best bang for your bucks?

The fact remains that the choice of the suitable model might be daunting because some of these products have features that are not needful. In this section, we provide you with some of the tell-tale signs of what to consider before buying a printer.

Of course, there are a handful of pro-tips to keep in mind, so we suggest you give close attention to some of the essential tips to look out to get the best printer to print from your iPhone. Let’s dive into this:


Most iPhone photo printer comes in pocketable size. These printers are often compact because they are designed for travel and daily usage. When you compare their sizes, though, you’ll notice a substantial difference. It is important to know the gravity of the task you intend to work on to this effect.

Will you keep it at your place of business? Is it something you’d like to keep at home? If that’s the case, you may go for a larger size because you won’t have to carry it around. A polaroid printer for iPhone that fits easily inside your pocket or backpack is the best choice if you plan on taking it with you on vacation.

Print Speed

The print speed varies based on the model and type. Typically, most range between 10-15 seconds a minute. The longer the print time, the slower your workflow. However, the speed won’t matter much if you intend to print a couple of photos for fun. For high-volume prints, the print speed has some significant impact on your choice.


Most polaroid printers are designed with rechargeable batteries which are often charged with a USB. The downside of using rechargeable batteries is their less durability. Some can print between 20-40 prints before the battery drains out. On the flip side, printers are designed to use wall connections; these are options to consider if you intend to print in bulk.


Polaroid printers are crafted to connect in several ways; each model is built with different connectivity. Some are designed to use docks or fast direct connections, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Most polaroid printers are compatible with iOS devices and Android, while others are not. It is important to double-check the compatibility of the device before making a decision.

Companion App

Most polaroid printers are built with a companion app used to import, edit and print photos. On the flip side, some are designed to offer only basic editings like adjusting color brightness and cropping. Additionally, some come with advanced features like emojis, text, and filters to give more room for customization.


On average, most polaroid printers for iPhone range between $50-$100, although this price only covers first-round paper and printer. To this end, it is important to consider the price of the paper and the total cost per print before taking a buyer’s leap.

A significant number of printers designed to use proprietary paper are not compatible with generic brands. In all, it is essential to know it cost 50 cents to$1 to print a picture.

Battery Life

This is yet another essential factor to consider, especially for fellows who spend more time outdoors. Most mini printers are designed with the same sized battery (500-750 mA/hour)  and will print approximately 30 shots. We recommend going for Polaroid printers that print more than 25 pictures on a single charge.

Picture Quality

The picture quality is defined based on resolution (DPI), which often varies from 300 – 320 dpi with a printing technology that is compatible with cartridges which are often less convenient but effective when it comes to printing out ZINK and colors.

How Does the Polaroid Printer Work on iPhone?

Polaroid printers are designed for fellows who want to enjoy printing their photos on the go. The printer instantly creates borderless print without hassle; you can connect it by Bluetooth and print at any time. Ditch paper albums and invest in this cutting-edge device! Sounds a little too good to be true?

Well, with this magic wand, you can also edit your pictures using an app on your phone. Let’s talk about affordability: The Polaroid Printer for iPhone uses WiFi or Bluetooth through a connection from iPhone that includes ten wallet size frames which are included in the kit plus an additional 20 sheets of glossy paper, and the best part is, most of the printing software has no monthly fee!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does Polaroid Printer come with film?

Ans. No, most Polaroid Printer doesn’t operate with film. Just take a photo with the app and have it printed instantly -no need to buy film or wait until they come back from developing!

Q. Does the Polaroid printer need ink?

Ans. No, they don’t need ink to operate. They use inkless printing tech instead of using traditional cartridges with a good old-fashioned print job! With these printers, you can get everything done on-site without having any materials shipped or order supplies online because it is so sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Q. Are Polaroid printers worth it?

Ans. The Polaroid Zip is a revolutionary printer that cuts the time it takes to get your photos from digital space into the physical realm. It’s easy and fast; this makes this device perfect for parties or just when you want those memories out of your phone! The best part? You can print more than one photo at once using these handy little Zips- so be sure to grab plenty before they run out.

Q. How does Polaroid Zink work?

Ans. The Polaroid-style prints may be cool, but it’s time to take them out of the equation. There is a new option: Zink printing! With this method, you do not need ink cartridges for your printer. A pressure-based process makes up for ink when an image prints, and voila – instant pictures that are excellent quality!

Q. How long does a Polaroid picture last?

Ans. Polaroids are not going to last through the ages. The American National Standards Institute says that Polaroid films do not fade any faster than other photographic mediums, as long as they’re properly stored and handled. It takes more than 100 years for them to start fading if they were in an archival-quality album. Polaroids don’t stack up against traditional photo albums-their color will disappear eventually with improper handling or storage, but under optimal circumstances, a film can keep its vibrancy without deterioration after around one century.

Q. Can you print photos as Polaroids?

Ans. Polaroid launches an app-based photo printing service that allows iPhone users to print real Polaroids from their devices. The traditional, film-style prints may be printed from digital files. However, they still maintain the classic look and feel of a true Polaroid while also being compatible with today’s technology such as smartphones, making this new feature incredibly easy for people on the go!

Q. How do I connect my Polaroid printer to my iPhone?

Ans. The polaroid printer is easy to turn on once your iOS device has Bluetooth or is put in a discoverable mode. When you find the “Polaroid Mobile Printer,” just tap it, and when it’s paired with your iPhone, an alert will pop up that says pairing was successful!

Every Polaroid Mobile Printer comes with a power button that can be pressed for four to five seconds to turn it on. Once turned on, you’ll need your iOS device or laptop set up as Bluetooth scan mode and in the discoverable range of the printer.

On an iPad, this is often done by tapping the screen twice quickly; if using a laptop, then look for the WiFi settings menu at the bottom right corner of the display next to the “Polaroid” icon when opened and tap there once again.

When “Polaroid Mobile Printer” appears from the list view underneath (on iPads), just click it! Your pairing will now have been established soon while remaining connected wirelessly via Bluetooth connection.

Editor’s Pick

No matter how or where you want to take your shots, one of our top picks should fit the bill. If you need an affordable Polaroid printer, don’t forget to check out Lifeprint 2×3 Portable or our Top rated Polaroid Hi-Print 2×3. Are you out to get a more specialized, portable Polaroid printer suitable for beginners and pros? Check out Fujifilm Instax Mini Link.


If you’re looking for the best printer to suit your needs, we’ve got a list of some great options. We hope this guide has helped you find what’s right for you and that it was easy enough to follow along with our buyer’s guide on how to pick out the perfect Polaroid printer for iPhone.

Remember these tips when shopping around so you can avoid any headaches or wasted time in finding the perfect product. What did you think about our top picks? Leave us a comment below!

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